How will you Rally

Year round individuals and businesses support patients at the Calaway·Young Cancer Center. How will you help a
cancer patient rally?

Join us at these upcoming events and help a cancer patient Rally.

Tough Enough to Wear Pink

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Join us at the Unique Boutique

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– Handcrafted items
– Baked goods
– Many other delicious treats

Putting a Face on CancerSM

Putting a Face on Cancer is a photographic project incorporating survivors of all types of cancer who reside in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado and beyond. It is the hope of each of the participants that, through the sharing of our faces and quotes, we can pass along the strength and resilience, which we all hold dear, to those who explore this collection. Our common experience with the diagnosis of cancer, the prospect and survival of treatment and the reality of living with a dealt disease, makes us a unique band of sober and appreciative individuals. By showing up as who we are now, we hope that others may find their own reservoirs of strength to face cancer and move beyond it.
Our mission is exposure, healing, community and spirit. As our survivorship numbers grow and our stories repeat themselves, it becomes hard to imagine a world where the prognosis and diagnosis of cancer is automatically perceived to be a death sentence which one bears alone, in fear and desperation. Cancer is most definitely a wake-up call and a journey of pain and mortal questioning, but these things are the very stuff of life, and survival for any period of time, becomes life on a higher and richer level. We are here to openly and enthusiastically share with those who are facing a similar path and with those who love someone who is about to walk that path…we are here to be who we are…products of a life changing experience…survivors with gifts…livers of life.

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100% of all donations go directly to support our cancer patients.

Connie Warnick, Summit Legacy Committee Member star

Ten years ago we donated to Valley View to start a heart center to help people who’ve had a heart attack. The cardiac care in the valley has gone so far beyond that. We now have people who come from Texas, from Florida and from Spain who are getting services here at Valley View that they couldn’t get somewhere else.

Gino Rossetti, Foundation Board Member star

I’ve had an opportunity to work to help raise money, initially for Valley View’s Cancer Center. It has been one of the joys of my life. Now with the new program Health4Life, I’m even more exhilarated, because I think preventative medicine is really the best thing that can happen in this valley. When people give to the Foundation, everyone in the valley benefits.

Michelle Spidell, RN, BSN, Oncology Nurse and Cancer Survivor Michelle Spidell, RN, BSN, Oncology Nurse and Cancer Survivor star

This is such a small community that by donating to the Foundation, you’re not just giving money to a hospital that is treating cancer patients, you’re giving to your neighbor, or your neighbor’s child, or your coworker, or it could be your child’s teacher who is going through something.

Shelby Keys, Scheduler, Integrated Therapies star

Everyone has a spouse, a parent, a child, a sibling, a neighbor, a coworker, or a friend who has been touched by cancer. Everyone. And everyone should have the opportunity to be treated at a facility as amazing as CYCC.

For more information or to discuss how you can get involved email:

Valley View Foundation | PO Box 1970 | Glenwood Springs, CO 81602 | 970.384.6620